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Equatone facial cream for even skin tone


Dermactin-ts Made in USA ??


facial cream for even skin tone

Day time formula

كريم نهاري
لتوحيد لون البشره وعلاج البقع البنيه في البشره
مرطب رائع للوجه
بيخلي البشره مثاليه خاليه من اي شوائب او عيوب
بيخلي البشره نضره واكثر شبابا
الحجم ٤٢.٥ جرام
السعر ٢٥٠ج

Dermactin-TS Equatone Day Time Facial Cream is a light, sheer formula that absorbs perfectly into skin for an invisible daytime, moisturizing wear. Day Time Facial Cream diminishes dark spots and any skin blemishes. After using Equatone Facial Cream, you’ll notice it gives your skin tone a radiant, more youthful complexion.

* Formulated to help visibly reduce the appearance of facial skin blotches

* discolorations while providing an evenly toned complexion

* leaves skin with a brighter, more luminescent appearance

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