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Xeiltech-EX hair tonic spray x9 speed long hair


Xeiltech-EX hair tonic spray x9 speed long hair
Anti hair loss scalp treatment
سبراي للي بيعاني من بطء نمو الشعر وتساقط الشعر
بيطول الشعر اسرع من العادي
بيعالج تساقط الشعر وضعف الشعر
بيدي الغذا اللي محتاجه الشعر للنمو الصحي
خفيف علي الشعر
بيعالج التلف الناتج عن المعالجات الكيميائيه وصبغات الشعر
طريقة الاستخدام يرش علي جذور الشعر وتدليك من دقيقه لدقيقتين لا يشطف
مره صباحا ومره مساء
الحجم ٨٥مل
السعر ٢٢٥ ج
Real Item for Who looking for Speed Long Hair product or facing Hair Loss problem .
We recommend New product that give you the solution. Better than item you knew , Stronger than and More convenient .
Main Benefit Max Property
– x9 times Speed Long Hair Growth that also work for who has very slow hair growth
– Anti Hair Loss , Hair Regrowth effectively for who has thin hair .
– Create Healthy hair for you that this item will strengthening your Hair root .
– It give your hair needed food that your hair will be shine and silky smooth .
– Soft and Light weight but easy for setting .
– Not easy for broken hair or separated .
– Prevent your hair from sunlight and pollution that it cause of damaged hair.
– Decrease the damaged hair problem from chemical or dying hair color .
– Repair and recovery your damaged hair turn to be healthy hair.
How to use:
– Spray or drop a small amount on the hair root around head or needed area ,
– gentle massage 1-2 minutes and no need rinse off .
– Use dairy in the morning , night or when you need

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